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Asia-Pacific Focussed Constituency Call

We are pleased to invite you on the Asia-Pacific focussed constituency call on Sunday, 30th January at 5.00 PM Bangkok time (UTC+7). 

Asia-pacific Youth Focussed Constituency Call.png

The upcoming weeks/months will be very exciting and we would like to update you on the several new youth task forces, funded projects, and the UNEP@50 and Stockholm+50 commemoration conferences as well as the preparations For UNEA 5.2 and the Youth Environment Assembly, and upcoming funding opportunities.

What will we discuss?

 1. Asia-Pacific Youth Environment Caucus (APYEC) and Engagement on Stockholm+50

 2.  Asia Regional Dialogue on Climate Justice for Children, Youth and Future Generations

For those who have not seen the document yet, please visit HERE and we welcome your inputs to the draft concept note as UNEP MGCY is one of the main partners of the initiative.

 3. Building the first draft of AP Youth Roadmap for 2022

We would like you to contribute in THIS DOCUMENT 

We highly appreciate your inputs as this is a developing document at of the moment 

 4. Global Youth Environment Assembly

As we are heading towards UNEA and Global YEA in a few weeks, we also invite you to brainstorm and strategize for the Regional Breakout (Asia-Pacific). We can discuss specific topics on the regional perspective such as but not limited to: Inaugural AP Youth Environment Forum, Principles & Policy Guidance on children’s right to the environment, AP relevant topics in the UNEA resolutions, etc.