Asia-Pacific Constituency Call 

 We are happy to invite you to the Asia-Pacific constituency call on Sunday, 9th of January 2021 at 4.00 - 5.00 PM Bangkok Time (UTC+7) 


The upcoming weeks/months will be very exciting and we would like to update you on the several new youth task forces, funded projects, and the UNEP@50 and Stockholm+50 commemoration conferences as well as the preparations For UNEA 5.2 and the Youth Environment Assembly, and upcoming funding opportunities.

What will we discuss?

 1. UNEA 5.2 and youth on the ground in Nairobi 

 2. Global Youth Environment Assembly 

 3. Local/National Youth Environment Assembly and several consultations relevant to the topics 

 4. Planning to present the outcomes of inaugural AP Regional Youth Forum at UNEA 5.2